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Complete Mitel SX-200 ML/EL Hotel Phone System (Up to 48 Guest Rooms)

This Mitel system has been professionally refurbished by iStream and is configured to support 48 guest rooms, 6 outside and 11 Mitel Digital telephone sets.

Does your hotel require support for more (or less) lines? Need help determining what your requirements are? Not to worry! Give us a call at: 570-714-6336. We're happy to assist you!

The Mitel SX-200 ML/EL telephone system is a great choice for hotels in need of the the latest features at a fraction of the cost of a new system:
- Wake-up Calls. (Does not include wake-up call message player.)
- Guest Room Outgoing Call Restriction.
- Has lodging features enabled but does not include feature to interface with PMS machine (system can be configured with this feature for additional cost).
- Can be setup to support e911 Call Alerts, Kari's Law, and Ray Baum's Act. (May require additional hardware and programming for additional fee.)

- Support for Mitel Superconsole 1000, analog guestroom phones, and Mitel Superset 4000 series digital telephones.
- As configured does not support caller ID to console, would require 50001730 LS/Class trunk card for additional fee.
- As configured does not support voicemail, but this can be added for additional fee.

System Specs:
(1) Cabinet - 9109-600-001
(1) Bay Power Supply - 9109-008-000
(4) ONS 12 Circuit Line Card - 9109-010-000
(1) LG/GS 6 Port Trunk Card - 9109-011-001
(1) DNI 12 Circuit Line Card - 9109-012-001
(1) Bay Control Card - 9109-017-001
(1) Main Control Card - 9109-610-001
(1) Superconsole 1000 - 9189-000-011 (dark grey with non-backlit display)

Looking for additional features?
iStream recommends the following designed-for-Mitel accessories from EZ Advantage:
- EZ Wake-up Announcer
- EZ Auto Attendant
- EZ Call-A-Matic
- EZ Music On Hold

Need room phones?
Take a look at EZ Advantage's affordable models:
- EZ PSM - Single-Line Telephone
- EZ 5SM - Single-Line 5-Button Telephone
- EZ Trim-Line Telephone