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Mitel 9109-010-003 (12 Circuit) ONS Card

SKU 9109-010-003
The Mitel 9109-010-003 12 Port ONS card is used to connect analog telephones to a Mitel SX-200 Digital, Light, ML, EL or ICP system. It has blue colored writing on its face plate.

Note: The 9109-010-003 is considered a "bonus" ONS card. Please make sure you are aware of it's restrictions. Your system will only support as many of these cards as paid for in your license agreement with Mitel. If you aren't sure how many of these cards are supported in your system as per your Mitel license agreement, you can purchase either a 9109-010-000 or 9109-010-002, which don't have this licensing restriction. Below are links to the 9109-010-000 and 9109-010-002:

Mitel 9109-010-000 12 Port ONS card - Click here for details.
Mitel 9109-010-002 12 Port ONS card - Click here for details.