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Complete Mitel 200 MX ICP Hotel Phone System (Up to 120 Guest Rooms)


This Mitel system has been professionally refurbished by iStream and is configured to support 120 rooms, 6 outside, 8 Mitel IP telephone sets, 10 voicemail boxes (let us know if you require more and it may or may not affect price)..

Does your hotel require support for more (or less) lines? Need help determining what your requirements are? Not to worry! Give us a call at: 570-714-6336. We're happy to assist you!

The Mitel 200 MX ICP telephone system is a great choice for hotels in need of the the latest features at a fraction of the cost of a new system:
- Wake-up Calls.
- Guest Room Outgoing Call Restriction.
- Has lodging features and supports PMS integration.

- Can be setup to support e911 Call Alerts, Kari's Law, and Ray Baum's Act. (May require additional hardware and programming for additional fee.)
- Support for Mitel Superconsole 1000, analog guestroom phones, and Mitel Superset 4000 series digital telephones.
- As configured only supports 10 voicemail boxes, if more are needed (such as one for each guestroom) additional fee may apply.
- Supports caller-ID to console as well as cordless sets and IP phones.

System Specs:
(1) 200 MX ICP Controller - 50004357
(2) Peripheral Cabinet - 50004041 (aka 9109-600-002)
(2) Bay Power Supply - 9109-008-000
(2) Bay Control Card III - 9109-117-001

(10) ONS 12 Circuit Line Card - 9109-010-000
(1) Superconsole 1000 - 9189-000-301 (dark grey with backlit display)
(10) Voicemail Boxes (let us know if you require more and it may or may not affect price)

Looking for additional features?
iStream recommends the following designed-for-Mitel accessories from EZ Advantage:
EZ Call-A-Matic
EZ Music On Hold

Need room phones?
Take a look at EZ Advantage's affordable models:
EZ 5SM - Single-Line 5-Button Telephone
EZ Trim-Line Telephone