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Advance Replacement

Have your worn-out or non-working Mitel product replaced QUICKLY and SAVE MONEY with our advance replacement program!

Trade in your used Mitel product for an iStream refurbished replacement!


To determine the advance replacement cost of a particular item, go to the product detail page on our website of the product you are interested in and look under the "Add to Shopping Cart" button.


1) Call or email us with the Mitel part number of the product you want to trade in.

2) Arrange for payment of the advance replacement cost (American Express, VISA, Master Card, Discover and PayPal are all accepted).

3) Normally with-in 1 business day we will ship you a professionally refurbished replacement of the product you will be trading in.

4) Once you receive your professionally refurbished replacement, connect it to your system.

5) Send us the product you are trading in using the box that the replacement came in. All you need to do is attach the pre-paid UPS return shipping label we included, then call UPS and they will come to pick up the package.


- The item you are trading in must have the same part number as the product we are sending to you. Otherwise additional fees may apply.

- If the item you are trading in has physical damage (such as a broken LCD display or cracked or chipped plastic housing) additional fees may apply.

- If you do not ship out your used trade-in to us within 5 days of receiving your refurbished replacement from us you will be charged the difference between the cost to have the item advance replaced and that item's purchase price.

- Some items are available for advance replacement.

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.